Harmony and a Watery Planet

Harmony and a Watery Planet

Watching the vapor shrouded earth roll away toward the aerial horizon in steady waves, we get a sense of the reality that this is a planet defined by water. Waves on the ocean ripple and flow, but those same waves represent a harmonic that pervades every aspect of our world as we travel through the atmosphere. Ocean waves are defined by the pull of gravity while the waves we experience in flight are the product of atmospheric pressure and the dissipation of solar energy over irregular terrain. Often times, we cannot see the approach of waves but we feel their effects as we encounter turbulence regardless of how far we are from its source. Other times, we are blessed with the view of the sailor watching a storm tossed sea and we see the approaching swells as they advance from the distant horizon. Seeing the wave is less important than understanding its flow and anticipating it. We all seek to avoid turbulence, but it can be an unavoidable part of life and motion…when we can’t avoid it, how we respond will determine how crazy the ride will be. Adapting to its harmony is the key to enjoying the ride.

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