Apollo’s Gift

Apollo's Gift

Remembering my first televised glimpse of the Earth from the Apollo mission cameras…what looked flat was round…what looked up was down…my imagination was stimulated and my perspective changed forever. The space program brought the big picture into our homes and changed the way generations of Americans see our planet and its position in the Universe. Now, imagine seeing Earth’s greatest monuments for the first time as if approaching from space. From this new perspective, we worry less about what we know and more about what we see. We interpret our view without preconceived notions of what we are seeing. Seeing the Grand Canyon from this new perspective we wander the canyons and plateaus exploring its mysteries in multiple dimensions. Allowing our curiosity to lead us through our new discovery, we bring a new excitement to the scene and feel our synapses firing as we develop new interpretations of what we see. As our minds work through the scene, we realize that this is not routine, it is not one (or even two) dimensional…It is electric and it is new.

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