Up There

As I sit on the ground on this raindrenched morning in Newark, waiting an inbound jet, I am lost in the thought of how much I loathe being stuck down here…on the receiving end of the weather and gloom…when in my mind, I am already up there…above the weather…marveling in the brilliant play of light on water as we hang together, suspended in the morning light. 

Catan Morning Light

The sun rises gently over Laguna Del Catan on the east coast of Mexico. Light brushes the cloud tops while contours of the coastline and lagoon remain bathed in shadows as the daytime color slowly fills in the pictures from top to bottom. 

Take Me Home

It is often my job to carry people from far off places to their homes. Nothing is so wonderful as to see one’s own home over the horizon, or just beneath it. That moment of recognition, of a single site, of some recognizable landmark, is enough to chill out skin and electrify us with excitement. The mist covered rivers of West Virginia shine in the morning light, capturing it, making it look magical, and each streaking path of vapor is a path that follows the landscape and leads us home. 

Abstract Landscape -In Deep


Deep in the Canyon…no words, just wonder.


Autumn’s First Dawn


It is no wonder that the changes of season connect to our lives with power and emotion of celestial events. Following the solstice, nimbus clouds absorb the morning light and cast their shadows upward, giving them the appearance of titanic columns upon which the heavens are supported. From our perch above Tampico, Mexico, we watch the morning’s drama unfold above the Gulf of Mexico.

Looking at One’s Own Spectre


Escaping the dawn, we begin to penetrate the thickly clouded boundary that appears to separate night and day as we descend back into twilight…Illuminated by the sun, we cast a definite shadow upon the clouds and with it our brocken spectre reflects back at us in rings of spectral light.



The Empedrado Wilderness, a planar vision, a raised level expanse of wilderness, flattening our perception of a spherical planet as it spreads across New Mexico. Along with other areas of wilderness, it frames our view of volcanic cinder cones.

Evening Light on Hetch Hetchy


A warm glow consumes Hetch Hetchy Canyon as distinct beams of warm summer evening light stream down the hillsides and slopes of Yosemite National Park.
Visit my portfolio, “The Aerial Horizon”

Driving to Rainier


There are times along the highway when we just need to breath deeply and enjoy the view. Basking in the morning light, reflecting its radiance, and appreciating the magnificence of a living planet…As we experience this moment, we realize that for all of our advancements and delusions of grandeur, we are but a drops of dew in a vast forest… this is the art of becoming part of the scene.
Visit my portfolio, “The Aerial Horizon”

Cloud Lattice


A thin sheet of cloud latticework lies draped over the farmland of north Texas, an aerial reflection of the fractal patterns etched across the plain by the Canadian River.

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