Healing Shroud

Fog in the Canyons-8274

Deep in the crevices of Mexico’s Copper Canyons, weather adheres to the steep slopes, filling the void, as if attempting to make earth whole again…The healing shroud of fog lends a magical air to an already remote and mysterious landscape.

Abstract Landscape – Chaos in the Delta

Abstract Landscape - Colorado Delta-8349

In a chaotic swirl like the silhouette of an embattled Medusa, the Colorado River meets the Sea of Cortez.

A Final Dusting

Arrowhead Snow-9635

A few weeks have passed since this final dusting of snow in the mountains of California that so clearly highlighted the features of Arrowhead Lake…Today, a few patches of snow remain in shadowy places, but the white glaze seems confined to the higher peaks where the frosting portrays places on earth that touch the heavens, existing in both worlds at once, creating a dreamlike vision of seasons and times past.

Abstract Landscape – Motion in the Sand

Abstract Landscape - Mexican Dunes-8379.jpg

In the stillness of the Sonoran desert, waves of sand roll fluidly across the earth with imperceptible movements…The sounds of this waterless sea are unknown to travelers, but the echoes of these waves may be felt in an enduring ripple through the souls of the inhabitants of this desert…Perhaps the Tohono O’odham can describe the sound, or perhaps it can only be heard in their voices.

These dunes are protected by the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Mexican government and the Tohono O’odham Nation, as part of the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve.

Uphill Climb

Grand Canyon Hualapai-7240

Sometimes our travels may seem like an uphill climb; look at anything the wrong way and it seems hard…a change in perspective can turn our world upside down…change it the right way and every climb becomes a joyful ride along a level plane.

Rolling in the Morning Light

Rolling in the Early Light-7346

Experiencing the glory of flight at first light, once again, we find ourselves relishing the warmth of the dawn, only to roll toward the horizon and, descending, plunge back into night.

Falling and Rising

Texas Virga-7239

In the sky above Texas, we run into a wall of virga hanging in space, both liquid and vapor in a swirl of activity, simultaneously falling and rising…a moment of balance between perception and belief…

Abstract Landscape – On the Sea

Abstract Landscape - Sea in the Canyons-6757

Waves upon a sea of stone, lapping up on islands of umber…an abstraction painted in layers of eroding earth, creating the illusion of motion and the roar of surf in a still and silent canyon.

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Abstract Landscape – Elegance in Chaos

Abstract Landscape - Needles-6797

Cruising in smooth air over southeastern Utah, the atmosphere, itself, conveys an almost tangible sense of serenity…looking down on the landscape we observe a different experience detached from our moment in space as the earth displays an epochal tension between elegance and chaos. The two are not mutually exclusive but the dominant emotion changes with each shift in perspective. The elegance of narrowly etched buttes, mesas, and hoodoos cast in chaotic swirls of their molten geologic past is reimagined with each glance as the light and shadows shift and create new abstract patterns in the desert. 

Rolling in the Morning Light

Rolling in the morning light-6295

As sunlight bleeds into the shadows and colors the landscape with warm purple hues of morning, we roll south toward Mazatzal Mountains…The early morning clouds fall into disarray as if startled by the sudden sense of light and stand in stark contrast to the steady, solid, rolling sensation of the wind beneath our wings.

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