The Outside World 

“Please turn off you personal electronic devices, raise your shades, and direct your attention to the world outside your window” …this is truly the outside world, not the one we think of on our phones…this is the one that should absorb our attention to the point of distraction while enriching our lives with every gaze. Turn off the noise and look outside; I promise you will be happier. 

Autumn is Coming


It’s slowly creeping over the Appalachians…As the morning clouds peel back from the mountaintops, the colors of autumn color the mountainsides along the border of Virginia and West Virginia.

The Shortening


We all have to go to work…sometimes traveling long distances…sometimes crossing so many timezones that we feel more like time travelers than commuters…We cannot conquer time and distance by speed alone, rather we must use our minds and imaginations to shorten our journeys. That shortening is best begun by taking in the sights along the way…our minds begin to wander as we engage with the landscape and look for the next landmark or spectacle…before we know it, we have arrived…another small victory over time and space.



Canyon de Chelly spreads out in all directions in the northeast corner of Arizona. From the air, its fanning flow is apparent and we trace its sprawling path along the high desert landscape…but moving in for a closer look, we get lost in the details, surrounded by stone faces that seem to spread in all directions without a point of origin. This is a place that one could wander for a lifetime and always discover something new, surrounded by its splendor.

Color and Contour Emerge


In the depths of night, the mountainous terrain along the coastline of the Great Salt Lake appears one dimensional, flat and colorless…but in the moments following sunrise, the terrain’s rigid contours emerge from the shadows and the lake begins to reveal it’s aqua, pink and deep red hues.

Venturing into the Desert

As we leave the comfort of the coastal plain, crossing the mountains, we venture into the desert beyond. Its ripples of shifting earth create designs that echo the underlying features of stone and lava flows and we revel in the heat soaked abstract art of the desert landscape. 

Iridescent Beauty


Sunrise over the Great Salt Lake…An iridescent beauty emerges from the shadows of night and color saturates the aerial horizon, gradually filling the cockpit with light as the lake glows and radiates the essence of the colors embedded in its waters.

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Flowing into Dinosaur


The Yampa River flows gently along a meandering path into Dinosaur National Monument…Its path etched into the landscape revealing ribbons of colorful earth and fossil remains.

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Resolute in its course, stone faced and clearly defined; today, my favorite part of The Canyon is the Havasupai Canyon. It clutches at the plateau as it spreads into the high desert, yet it does so without a sense of chaos and in its definition, we gain a sense of greatness and a majestic solitude. Breathing deeply, we feel its presence beneath us.

Visit my portfolio, “The Aerial Horizon”

SOCAL Network


Amid the chaos of traffic on the freeways of Southern California, it is difficult to imagine a profound sense of order…heat, noise, stop-and-go, construction, on ramps, and off ramps are our experience and our senses of time and distance become warped. But we are too close to the problem. As we rise above the din, our situational awareness grows and we see the whole picture…a vast series of densely packed, geometrically arranged villages interconnected by vast bundles of roadways and railbeds. The plan view spreads out beneath us and the network begins to make sense.

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