Capulin Volcano NM-2770

As we pass over Capulin Volcano National Monument, we look upon the enormous cone…Seemingly docile, smoothed by the winds and rains of hundreds of centuries, its sculpted conical shape sits as a static reminder of the region’s dynamic and volatile past.


freeflight - moon and balloon-2738

Near and far…A luminous teardrop flees the earth bound for the heavens…A weather balloon in free flight hangs timelessly, suspended between the earth and moon.
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Lost in the Glow

Golden Valley Light-8356

Leaving behind the deep shadows of Yosemite’s raised terrain, we look forward to the Pacific coast beyond the level plane of the San Joaquin Valley and we become lost in the glow of watery reflections as the water laden valley seems to capture the very warmth and light of sunset.

Without Reference

When we choose a narrow focus, gazing upon the Grand Canyon, we lose sight of distractions and revel in the simple beauty of its colorfully layered irregular sculpting without reference to the world around us. Our enjoyment is complete, we are exhilarated, and the image is burned into our minds…forever a familiar pattern.

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Drifting into the Night

Sunset and Storms over Southern Georgia-8558

The last light of the day wanders fuze-like along the twisted surface of the river toward a lingering storm in the twilight over southern Georgia as we drift into the night.



Abstract Landscape – 12 Mule Canyon

Death Valley - 12 Mule Canyon-1929

Depth transmitted to the one dimensional plane beyond a camera’s lens, represented in colorful and textural variance…the wavelength of light captured in a moment telling us what we need to see, to understand, to marvel, to appreciate the beauty of worlds we may never touch. Following the faint line of 12 Mule Canyon among the ridges of earth in Death Valley.

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Abstract Landscape – Death Valley’s Middle Basin

Death Valley - Middle Basin-1916

Earth streams and drains in the Middle Basin of Death Valley, echoing the flows of ancient water and transient winds.
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Sea of Stone 

Above a sea of stone, the mountain tops of Yosemite crest in the evening mist as waves upon the ocean.  

A Place with No Name

In between the natural landmarks that define our path, we are given a glimpse at the magnificence hidden in the unmarked portions of our charts. A place with no names, no signs, no highways or byways…we marvel at the patterns and textures that make the “in between” seem more interesting than the named places along the path more traveled. 

Welcome August

Storm on the Wing-0768

Welcome August; you look a lot like July. A storm on my wingtip as another day replaces the dawn, fleeting memories wisp into my mind…In our youth, we chased clouds and danced on their billowing surfaces, reveling in the sensation of speed, enjoying a good jolt of turbulence as we finished a steep turn and ran into our own wake, bouncing through the air as we hunted at 200 feet over the open ocean, then flying through rain showers to rinse the salt off our windscreen, and everything, everything beginning and ending in competition…And now, we smoothly turn away from the weather, we search for smooth rides, we fly as high as we can to conserve fuel, and yet we still enjoy the sense of speed, the competitions that never really ended, the camaraderie of the sky, and the warm electric sensation as we witness another dawn breaking over the aerial horizon.

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