Last Light

The last light of the day can be the warmest and most indelible, staying with us through the darkest of nights and giving us hope for the dawn.

Echoes in the Landscape

Echo Cliffs, Navajo Nation

Traveling along our way across the earth as though following the sound of ethereal echoes to navigate the night sea…eyes closed, correcting course with each interpretation of shifting Doppler wave, each whispered word of calling on the wind. Focused on the sounds that guide us, blind to the hazards that confront us, we cruise and we rejoice in the singular moments of inspiration that grace us when we open our eyes.

Into the Blue

As we negotiate the threats that fill our days, at times, we are so focused on the complicated contours of the landscape that we overlook the minutiae…And suddenly our attentions are drawn out of the rocks and into the blue depths of a placid mountain pool…On the most common of mornings, the brilliant, the electric, and the incongruous bring life and excitement into our lives if we are ready to be surprised.

Out of the Blue

The summit of Mount Rainier appears through a layer of haze as though floating in a textureless sea of blue…so much more unseen than seen…Immovable forces often seem to materialize before us, though they are ever present. Whether in the haze of hubris or complacency, light bends around them until, by force majeur, we are thrown into the arena where we are obliged to recon with the realities of our world.

You Know Who You Are

You know who you are. You’ve launched at dawn. You’ve danced on a wing in the glow of the morning light. You’ve peered through the colored haze searching for landmarks to lead you home. You’ve dealt with ambiguity and kept the shiny side up. You’ve looked into this dreamscape and felt like you’ve come home. This is where we started and where we often return in our reverie.

Rounding The Great Sand Dunes

Our earthly monuments stand regardless of whether we are out there to see them. Dream with me a little while and we’ll find ourselves back out there on the horizon.

Masking the Way

At times, the twists and turns that lie ahead are masked by fog, disorienting us and leaving us uncertain of the best course to set…While the water vapor obscures our view, it defines the terrain around us, illuminating the irregular and imperfect hollows and valleys with its snowy white lines of joinery to create a wabi-sabi aesthetic greater than the solitary beauty of the mountains…in these moments we see the whole of this place and witness the interplay between earth, water, and air.

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