Waves on the Twilight


A temporal moment on the sea above, as a line of golden waves crest on a purple twilight sea of clouds, only to fade and dissipate into night.

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Overtaken by Twilight


Chasing the retreating sun, we cruise along in the purple evening shadow of earth as twilight  overtakes us. The sun’s light shrinks to a narrow ribbon along the aerial horizon and illuminates the crests of billowy waves upon the cloud deck below.

Seeping In


Have you ever loved a place so much that it seemed to seep into your soul? Memories, images, colors, and moods all flood in to occupy the space of our dreams and become intertwined with our senses…That place becomes a part of us…deep inside and inseparable. At this electric moment over Virginia, I know that feeling…it has become a part of my soul.

Misty Morning Mono Lake


It’s that transitional time of year when the cold nights and latent moisture lead to morning mist and fog. No where does this create a more surreal scene than in the Great Basin. Cruising through the morning air, we are trapped with the mist beneath a layer of high stratus clouds. The radiance of the morning light illuminates the moisture, giving us a detailed view, but it is so bright that we seem to transit a monochromatic world made all the more stark by the dramatic landscape of Mono Lake and Yosemite beyond. While it looks calm, the lenticular clouds over the distant lake give a clue to the instability of the air as we skip across the current.

Clouds Along the Kaibob

As early signs of winter move across the high deserts of Arizona and Utah, clouds roll in long waves across the Kaibob Plateau, dividing the Little Colorado Gorge from the Grand Canyon.

Winter in the Dunes


Winter is weeks away, but in a nearly ironic twist, a fresh blanket of snow covers the sand dunes of the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. Thin lines of warm sand define the crests of snowy waves. A rhythmic landscape flowing between mountains and plains, summer and winter…

Opting Outside

When we opt outside, we send ripples through the air and across the land and our collective  footsteps are felt throughout the earth like ripples in stone. 

Over the River…


As we come to another Thanksgiving in America, I wish safe travels to all those traveling over the river and through the woods…and especially to my friends that I will see in the skies today, thanks for doing what you do to make the skies safe and the ride smooth. I’ll see you in Dallas, or Reno, or somewhere along the way.

Light Takes Form


In a moment over Nebraska, at the nexus between night and day, not satisfied with simply coloring the sky, light takes on a spectral form and beckons us into the night.

Autumn Snow


The rocky parapets along the face of Bryce Canyon catch the late afternoon light, creating a warm contrast to the fresh dusting of snow. With several weeks to go, Winter wants us to know that she is on her way.

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