Arizona’s Dramatic Scene

Arizona's Dramatic Scene

Cumulonimbus cells align along the high desert of Arizona and move northeastward as their intensity increases. They grow at such a rate that we can see the roll and churn of each cloud’s billowy mass as they expand and rise through the Troposphere. As the Tropopause is their natural limit, they eventually top out before reaching the Stratosphere. At this limit, they can climb no further and their momentum is expressed in the horizontal expansion of their “anvil” tops. Moments later, all of the upward flowing vertical energy dissipates in a severe downward rush toward earth that spews hail at high altitudes and showers heavy rain on the terrain beneath. Ultimately, the fertile lands around the Colorado River will be the beneficiary of this rainfall as it rapidly works its way to lower terrain. As distant spectators, we opt to avoid this dramatic scene and we start our weather deviation over Blythe, California.

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