In the Bright Light of the Middle

In the Bright Light of the Middle

The bright light in the middle of the day shows the desert monuments in harsh and unflattering detail…no soft lighting effects from the setting sun, no golden illumination from the early youthful light of dawn…The bright light of middle gives us clarity and an undistorted view of where we are now in the full light of day. Our memories are too short to fully comprehend the scene where, not long ago, forests covered this land. Now those forests are petrified and their remaining pigments color the earth. But this is what the middle ages are like…the bright lights show each crease and scar while the bright colors of our youth fade from exposure to light. Embracing our experience and the pattern of life that shapes the day, we can see the beauty of the underlying structure and reflect on its majesty. Instead of viewing each distinct mark as a defect, we look upon them as distinct monuments to our experience. Our future looms softly dreamlike on the aerial horizon.

Resting on the horizon atop San Francisco Mountain, Humphrey’s Peak is the highest point in Arizona at over 11,400 feet.

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