First light on the Blue Ridge as the shadow of night recedes…All of Albemarle County comes into view as we wander up the James River past the sharp bend at Scottsville, Virginia. Our minds take a sudden turn following that bend and slowing to a distant pace as our memories are energized. We think of days well spent and an old perspective on the future and our destinies that led our imaginations and our aspirations. Traveling into our finest memories, we rekindle friendships that may have been stretched by time and distance but that we forged in a special time in our lives and so will always be strong if not visible. No matter where our formative experiences occurred, reunions are wondrous events that open warm places in our hearts and return us, if only for a fleeting moment, to the time and place where our lives were all ahead of us and we shared a dream. Light is shed on those moments everyday, but when our moments are the ones revealed, the view is all the more spectacular.

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