Lighting Effects

Lighting Effects

Imagine if you had to explain light to someone who had never experienced it…Where would you begin? Perhaps it would be easiest to explain it from a completely scientific perspective as light is an expression of radiation emitting from a source at a specific wavelength within the spectrum of visible light…but wait, let’s explain the visible spectrum…ROYGBIV…Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet…Where do we start without a visual frame of reference? It can’t be done, unless we involve our other senses.

If we can’t see it, we must be able to feel it. We most certainly feel color and light, though it can muddle our senses if we overthink it. The confusion is similar to what we feel when we detect a low frequency vibration and we can’t discern whether we felt it or heard it…The answer is simply, “yes.” Whether we see it or feel it, we know it is there and the nature of the light evokes a physical response from our bodies and our minds. We set our clocks and our calendars by the color of the light. Our exposure to light of the right color (wavelength) affects our emotions…when that light penetrates our atmosphere a low angle of incidence and refracts and displays itself in its individual wavelengths, we are mesmerized and it takes control of our senses.

The “Golden Hour” amazes us as stone and earth change colors as if transformed into a different state. Flying off the coast of Massachusetts in the golden hour, the light transforms the city of Boston into a golden ornament on a sheet of slightly rippled gold leaf. Even our wing’s reflection of the blue sky and clouds above us is transformed into an abstract golden glaze. The view is magical and at this moment the effect of light on our physical and emotional states is beyond explanation.

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