Flying Without Parachute

Flying Without Parachute

As we fly from Denver to Grand Junction following the Colorado River and the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, we pass through the valley and over Parachute, Colorado and it is at this moment that my thoughts go off on a tangent… We all follow paths to our destinations. Some of those destinations are definite while others are expressions of serendipity. While we have different goals and terms to define our pursuits, no matter how relaxed or resolute, we take our journey with the electric spirit that drives us.

We are all wired to power a forty watt bulb but the differences in our designs determine whether that bulb is a mood light or a laser beam. So, perhaps, our differences are more an indication of the intensity of our spirits and that intensity is measured in vectors, velocity, acceleration, force and mass. Each variable may change the overall equation and outcome on any given day. We connect with our environment and it affects our experience.

As a traveler, the unknown destination provides me with the greatest wonder and it is that sense of wonder that fuels my imagination and intensifies my spirit. There are no shortcuts along the journey because it is the journey, not the destination, that is the goal. There is no need to bring a parachute, we are best to fly without it because there is no jumping off. On that note, my tangent returns to Parachute and our journey westward…

4 thoughts on “Flying Without Parachute

      • sometimes making that choice to be a mood light or laser beam is all there is, which requires self-awareness. laser beams don’t always divide or burn; they light up dance floors, amaze people and entertain cats. mood lights can equally surprise us: maybe we are happy but the low beam brings us down… in what space is our head? do we like it there? do we want to stir things up or calm things down? if we are conscious of where we are, we indeed get to decide and not always react. πŸ˜‰


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