Plunging into Darkness

Plunging into Darkness

With the foment and tempests that broil in the moments between our nights and days, we make a choice…to face them in the light of day or to descend back into the blissful ignorance of darkness. Storms begin to swell along the line between night and day like the churning of the sea where two great masses of water meet. Since launching in the dark, we have been flying with dawn on our heels. At this moment, the forces of dark serenity and warm radiant light collide and the resulting foment is visible in the swirling clouds beneath us as we ride on the edge of twilight. Just as the turbulent air begins and it appears that we will be overtaken by the dawn, we are commanded to descend. A direction we follow, powerless to exercise freewill. We plunge back into darkness and escape the tumult of the dawn…for a time. Once safely on the ground, another dawn overtakes us and we surrender to the day with a new perspective.

[Dawn’s terminator crossing somewhere over Indiana.]

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