Capillary Lines – Life in the Desert

Capillary Lines - Life in the Desert

From our vantage point six miles above the Mojave Desert’s floor, we cannot detect any sign of life. The earth is scarred by millions of years worth of erosion, radiation and assorted geologic events. As we trace each line and crease in the landscape, we come to understand that the landscape is just as alive as if we were tracing the wrinkles and crags of an aging face…The signs of wear are signs of life borne by experience. The face is scarred, but deep in its recesses we discover capillary lines concentrating color in the emotions of the earth whose tears flush the color away in white streaks of dry creek beds. The desert is far from dead, it is life transformed into a monument to our earthly experience.

True image, color saturated and polarized to evoke the colors from the landscape.

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