The Absence of Light

absence of lightThis is not a notable photograph for its detail, but it provides a great demonstration of what is and is not important in a world of distractions…The lights are a distraction as they announce their presence with great visual intensity, yet tell us nothing. We waste a lot of time looking for, and being distracted by, bright shiny objects. We are constantly drawn toward the light, time and time again discovering peril in the void that exists beyond the blinding shroud of meaningless light…All the time failing to recognize that the absence of light often holds greater meaning. For a moment, in this moment, we respond to an abstract concept with muscle movements and disciplined procedures. We look to the space that is unpolluted by light and we find a course free of distractions where the distinct and meaningful patterns of lights come into view. In the void, we are undistracted by the meaconing lights and free to discern the signals from the right lights…The greatest moments of illumination can only come to us in the uncluttered clarity of utter darkness.

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