Forgetting the Clock

Descending into night over ChicagoAs we contemplate setting our clocks back and the promise of gaining an extra hour of sleep, I have a different perspective…we wander around the proximate heavens under the influence of sunlight, forgetting the human belief that we can control time…With our feet solidly on earth, we attempt to control time and productivity by moving the hands of our clocks forward and backward. We have created an abstract concept of time and related rules to govern our lives, but for all this engineering we cannot control the amount of sunlight cast on our hemisphere or the rate at which our shadow moves across the earth. As we cross through the twilight and descend into night, this moment has more meaning than the time on our watches…the moment when we cross between worlds of light and darkness and our circadian rhythms ignore the clock, aligning our energy levels and activities with the movement of celestial bodies. Light defines our vision, drives our moods, and keeps the time perpetually.

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