Emerging into a Dream

Emerging from the depths of a storm

Emerging from the depths of a storm (into a dream)

As we are bounced around in the shadowy and turbulent depths of a twilight storm, it seems that the day is done and our senses are resigned to the utter blackness of the storm. A few sharps turns around the core of the storm followed by a sudden down draft and we emerge from the storm to witness a dramatic and dreamlike cloudscape. The setting sun casts light through the misty wisps of vapor and backlights the dense cumulous clouds. This same stream of light is reflected off the overcast layer above us…the combined effect of the backlighting and reflected light creates a misty warm plum colored sky that draws us in and invites us to leave our memories of darkness and turbulence in the clouds behind us as we pursue the retreating sun. Finally, we descend below the horizon to make our approach to Atlanta and the scene silently fades into our dreams.

2 thoughts on “Emerging into a Dream

    • My first thought in seeing this scene was that the city (really over the city) was on fire, but I feared that might still be an insensitive allusion…but yes, I thought the same thing.


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