The Amorphous Maze


Stepping through a portal in an ever shifting amorphous maze of sky.

Stepping through a portal in an ever shifting amorphous maze of sky.

Working our way down the East Coast in Summer, we feel more as though we are wandering a great labyrinth as walls of cloud present obstacles to be navigated. Our weather radar is a tool that can help us makes choices, but the information is constantly changing…not unlike the choices we make in our lives of constantly changing circumstances. We use the best information we have at the moment to make the best choice among those presented to us. Do we go left? Do we go right? Should we stay the course? On a normal day we make the simple choice, deal with the consequences and move on. However, on a day like today, we are in the labyrinth and we must make choice after choice as we inch our way southward. At every turn we are presented with new information; sometimes we accept it based on faith, faith in technology, or the reassuring power of realtime observation. As we look behind the wing, the gap we passed through closes behind us and we are driven on our path. Ahead of us, a portal opens to our perspective and we step through it. As we pass through, we see our path framed by current circumstance and the afternoon light casts its golden light down our course as if illuminating the path through this ever shifting amorphous maze of sky. This is work, but these momentary vistas are ample reward for the effort. [The fly speck at the top right is another airplane that had the same idea and crosses our path in this portal.]

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