In the Shadow of the Storm

In the Shadow of the Storm

It is the time of year where storms build and blow. As in our lives storms flare up and consume us with their ferocity and the shadows of their depths..the deeper the storm, the darker the shadow. Negative ions accelerate within their mass and charge the air with electricity. Our moods change when we are under the shadow and that negative energy passes through us. But looking upon this storm’s massive shadow on the high plain of New Mexico, I get a different sense. For the person standing in its shadow, it may seem dark and ominous…but as we look at the whole scene, we see that it is finite and momentary. This storm will pass. Under that dark shadow, gravity draws water back to earth as its energy is exhausted, and fertile lands reap the benefit of its rain. Life flows through the emotional cycle of the weather and the darkness proves to be a hopeful sign for growth.

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