In the Wake of Ship Rock

In the Wake of Ship Rock

Imagining Ship Rock in motion, the desert parts and the ship steams smoothly through the sand. Ripples of earth flow outward from her wake, swirling and eddying in the desert winds as they flow toward shore. The desert is a grand place of imagination where the past echoes in latent colors and abstract patterns that fuel our dreams.
A true image, color saturated and polarized.

2 thoughts on “In the Wake of Ship Rock

  1. Beautiful images!

    I wonder if you happen to know the specific location of “In the Wake of the Ship Rock” and “The Current in the Desert”? Like you, I am a photographer who is drawn to inspiring places and people on our planet. In 2013, while flying over the western USA, I took a photograph of exactly the same place from my airplane window.

    I entered the image in a juried photography exhibit in Rochester, NY and happily, it won one of the two Partners Awards. I have been trying to identify the location of the image and hope that you may have some detailed information. Please let me know by contacting me a Thanks very much.

    Sandra Frankel


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