Perspective is an amazing thing. Depending on where you sit or stand, depending on what you know and how you think, depending on your experience…you and I may see something in such vastly different ways that we could not imagine that we were focusing on the same thing. But that, in part, is the beauty of perception and thus the beauty of our shared journey. We all bring different perspectives to bear and, gathering our perspectives together, we develop a better view of the world.

El Capitan Peak at the southern end of the Guadalupe Mountains stands high above the plain as a massive white edifice. Standing beneath this edifice, we observe its height and visual mass and it dominates our thoughts…an obstacle to be revered and circumnavigated. From the cockpit, at first we would agree with that view, but our perspective is rapidly changing and as we fly over the mountain, the landscape begins to flatten. This massive monolith planted across the plain slowly transforms into a single line of filagree adorning the earth as one element of a larger ornate design.

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