In those moments before sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon, the rivers and inlets of the southeast coast alight with the radiance of their reflections like veins of quicksilver running through the landscape. The blue green and brackish waters are transformed in these moments and they appear as an ornamentation on the coastal lowlands.

If we need a metaphor to help us appreciate this moment, we need not look too far. Our own paths through the landscape of our experience may effected by something deep in our nature or shaped by the world around us, just as the rivers flow with the force of gravity and the orbit of the moon. Yet through the sheer normalcy of it all, we have moments when we see the path for what it is. We see the beauty and harmony in following our nature. In that moment, as the reflective surface of water before sunset, we hold the light and radiate. The beauty of the path illuminates us and yields a sense of contentment in “just being.”

The Saint John’s River flows through Jacksonville, Florida on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

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