Abstract Landscape – Whirlwind

Stone swirls in white and red, moving in place, a whirlwind. Look for it on a map and you will find the animation of earth in the embodied in this place…Whirlwind.


Among my favorite places, where I have never visited, are the Adeii Eechii Cliffs in the Navajo back country…they present some of the most unusual lines and patterns, abstract and other-worldly, yet they are connected to other cliffs and dramatic features that define this corridor into the heart of America. As we trace the irregular path of the Adeii Eechii Cliffs northward, they run into the Echo Cliffs and thence into the Vermilion Cliffs that stand above the Colorado River where it runs through Marble Canyon before entering the Grand Canyon…each feature unique…each feature interconnected…each feature, in telling the story of Earth, tells the story of us…each one of us unique…each one if us interconnected by a divine way.

Fire Below – Yosemite

Yosemite Wildfire - Below the Horizon-5733

Approaching Yosemite, something doesn’t look right about the morning mist…we expect to see it clinging to the sharp edges of the narrow valleys and spilling over the lower summits…but something is wrong…the clouds, in an otherwise cloudless sky, lay out in a thick blanket over the lower elevations where we should only see ground fog. There is a purple jaundiced-brown moire in the texture of the cloud deck, like the tarry residue on a smoker’s hands.Yosemite Wildfire-5735

So, we look for the edge of the cloud and find its genesis, a raging wildfire from multiple columnar points along the western boundary of Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite Wildfire - Smoke Layer-5744

This horrid smokey layer clovers hundreds of miles, blotting out the sun in the forest and obscuring the dramatic landscape from above… Campers and hikers beware…Firefighters, be careful out there as you do the yeoman’s work; your work is noble and we are counting on you.

Marbling in the Troposphere

As we round the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, the colors and shapes of the rising terrain layered with clouds and their shadows cast upon the canyon, we get the sense of some marvelous pool of color and texture floating in the troposphere awaiting a passing traveler to imprint this grand marbling on his imagination. 

Thanks for Flying with Us…

Today, The Aerial Horizon blog surpassed 500 followers on WordPress. This brings the total number of followers of the blog to over 2300, with many more on sites like Facebook. I am humbled to share my perspective with you. Thanks for flying with us!

Floating on an Indigo Sea

West Virginia Dawn - Underpinning-5407

Sinking into our souls, a crisp white line of hopeful morning clouds hovers below the aerial horizon, a solitary plume of white, floating on an indigo sea of twilight.

Vast Expanses

Exploring America outside of the confines of tourist attractions, cities, and towns, we discover vast expanses that seem hidden in plain sight and stand as another world for our imaginations to consume. The great wide open, the great outdoors, the great beyond…in every expression, we invoke greatness, but the words always seem inadequate to describe the spectacle. 

Abstract Landscape – Figure on Kanab


Amid the steeply rising terrain of the Kanab, a figure emerges etched in stone and sprawling across the high plain.

Summer in Colorado


Summer has come to Colorado. The vast network of Steamboat’s ski slopes shows the rich green of summer, fortified by the memory of the winter’s abundant snow.

Blowing Off Steam

Blowing off steam-4731

The volcano’s latent energy, resting in plain sight, is awe-inspiring. Every once in a while, these sleeping giants will stir, blowing off a little steam, and commensurate ash, into the atmosphere… power and pressure constrained by the landscape at once expressed into the atmosphere as the earth seeks to maintain equilibrium, providing a momentary glimpse into earth’s past and the genesis of our world. 

This image shows Popocatépetl, south of Mexico City, as it let loose a little steam and ash…a simple reminder on the horizon that we must be vigilant and revere volcanoes for the hazards they introduce into our world aloft, even as they rest.

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