The Hand of God

The Hand of God-7843

Having taken to the air, we live upon the breeze, our fates bound to the wind and weather…the effects of unseen radiation impacting earth, air, and sea. At times we feel propelled through space by incomprehensible forces as though set in motion by the hand of God, while other times, we see those forces at work but lack the ability to fully comprehend the animated scenes in front of our eyes.


In Between-8366

[A Retrospective] We travel along a narrow plane relative to the immensity of the space that surrounds us. In contrast to the perceived vastness of an ocean, where our journeys are bounded by land and limited by pressure, we cling to the atmosphere while the universe expands, seemingly without limit. Shadows of earth beneath us, darkness of space above us, the boundaries of our path are defined by visible layers of moisture and dust illuminated by the setting sun.


[A Retrospective] Following the line between night and day, the narrow path sometimes jitters like the pulsing of a high frequency wave…In and out of the light, seemingly repeating the transitory moments experienced along the way. At the nexus between the twilight and the equinox, the effect takes on a new dimension and we cross snow covered deserts under warm springtime skies. We take in these confusing signals as our hearts beat in sync with the rapid pulses of light and season.

The End of Night

Sunrise Moonset-8594

[A Retrospective] Cruising tangent to the atmosphere, time compresses and lengthens, up is sometimes down, and at times we fly from yesterday into tomorrow…Adapting our perception to the depths and shallows of the aerial twilight in which we dwell, we revel in the day’s transitions without concern for whether the moon is setting or rising, or whether it is the end of night or the beginning of day…That said, we live for a thousand moments, then we live for a thousand more…each moment incomprehensibly connected as we move along the way. We stop to breath, measuring our pulse, each moment energizing and invigorating us while running through us like sound across a wire as we are the fiber that connects these moments.


[A Retrospective] A fault divides us…a visual break in a seemingly harmonious landscape, touching earth and heaven at once, a series of points connected by an undefined destabilizing force in the wake of a passing jet. Churning vapor along an exposed seam. Excited droplets of water fall off into the chasm, the disturbed air dissipates, eventually leaving no trace as the energy is consumed by the calm. We all leave a wake, an undefined destabilizing force…its up to us to define the sort of energy we trail behind us and the effect that lingers after we have disappeared from sight.

Unassuming Grandeur

Mount Vernon beneath the wing, we round the corner and head up the Potomac River. Finely manicured, unassuming grandeur, defining the landscape without a thought of competition or ostentation…the sort of essence that is willed into existence at the confluence of time, place, innate good taste, and a commitment to pursue an idea. The light fades as we complete our descending turn and our thoughts of refined and dignified ideals are consigned to the lengthening shadows, leaving us with ghostly feelings of our own lacking.

Reflecting on Safe Harbors

Marina Reflections-0055Far below the aerial horizon, we rest in safe harbors and face ourselves, questioning our resolve to lift our heads to chase the horizon…Do we have the fortitude to bear the discomfort and uncertainty of giving ourselves over to a journey? In the calm of the harbor we see our reflections on the water and the sea begins to absorb us. In so doing, our images, voices, and spirits diffuse and intertwine, surrounding us with some intangible sense that we are part of something bigger…It is the soul of inspiration…In a few short days, an old friend of mine will depart San Diego on a “voyage of inspiration”…he will be assisting his friend, a true adventurer, Hiro Iwamoto in his quest to sail across the Pacific Ocean non-stop on his sailboat, Dream Weaver. Hiro is blind, but the immensity of his vision is awe-inspiring…He is making the voyage to send a message to the world that “anything is possible when people come together.” Please visit his blog Voyage of Inspiration 〜全盲ヨットマン、夢と希望の航海〜 and follow his journey. And while you are there, consider supporting Dream Weaver’s causes of: preventable and curable blindness; enabling those facing challenges; and citizen science.

Safe Voyage, Dream Weaver.

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