Dreams of Flight

As we drift along the leading edge of the day in a dreamlike splendor, awash in the soft light of dawn, it is a marvel to think that before a twelve second flight on this day in 1903…a mere 118 years ago…all of this was truly a dream of flight…We are blessed to live in an age where, thanks to pioneering dreamers like the Montgolfier brothers in their balloons and the Wright brothers in their fixed wing air machines, we can spend our lives floating through the heavens experiencing the dream of flight.

A Narrow Gap

Rolling earth beneath and rolling sky above, the light of day emerges along a narrow gap, illuminating the heavens in an homage to the graceful wave motion of a sea hidden beneath the deep shadows of night…the perceptual upside down of space. Gradually, the landscape is revealed and dawn’s contrast diminishes, our thoughts returning to the reality of a day briefly lit.


A somber awakening…as we approach the Navel of the Earth, rocky forms slowly emerge from the dust shrouded desert floor beneath us and we feel the looming presence of the peaks massing in the distance. As the features of this holy place are slowly revealed by the rising sun, we gain a sense of moving toward the center of things…we break from our narrow view of travel along our southern border, along the rough edge of our world…and we recognize the larger perspective of life on earth…that there are no rough edges on a round planet, that the center of our world is not defined by national boundaries, and that we are all elements of this earth, awakening to a new day.

Beyond the Darkness

When the night reaches its darkest peak, we may feel alone in a void of space…in our raft of solitude, the darkness takes hold of us and we become another element of space…until we roll over the aerial horizon, it’s vagueness defined by the light seeping into the void, illuminating our world, if only a small part of it…in that electric moment we see that there is joy on the horizon and we fly into another day filled with hope for what is to come.

Time and Travel

When we go from point A to point B, we set out upon a direct path, but our velocity meets our environment and we are compelled by the force of our spinning planet to twist and turn along a meandering path…we plan for straight lines, because the reality of our meanderings are far too complex for our feeble minds to envision..but in our seemingly spoiled plans is the dual gift of time and intrigue, as each twist and turn slows our traverse and fills the added time with interest, adding worth to our travels.

Over the River…

As we venture out, over the river and through the woods, we look forward to the happy reunions at the end of our travels…The effort behind the journey reminds us of the value we place on togetherness…we go to great expense and travel great distances to share a feast with people we love in places that contain warm memories of past times…we drive forward into the night or the dawn of a new day with the end in mind, yet along the way we collect memories that add worth to our journey…over breakfast at an airport diner with our copilot, leaning against the window of the cabin staring out at a luminous sunrise, or simply contemplating the blessings of being born into a place and a time that allows us to meander in and out of each other’s lives and soar through the heavens as if living in a dream. Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels.


When we gaze into an advancing landscape, forgetting about the rest of what surrounds us, we become lost in its features, coming to life as though it were climbing out of a hazy abyss, momentarily alive in its relative motion, its features expressing detail and meaning in the shifting shadows…we come to know the earth at a personal level…what stands out to me; what stands out to you…we view the same thing while seeing things differently…respecting the subject, we embed the vision in our memories and leave room for our own interpretations and meditations.

Racing Reflections

Watching the signs slide by on the highway…unlike the ones normal people see…we sense shifting colors on vaporous canvas, subtle yet silent motion, amorphous, brilliant, ghostly…suddenly, as though bursting forth in a sudden surge of energy, our reflection appears, riding on the tip of our shadow as it pierces the clouds beneath us.


Following similar trajectories to those who have gone before us, our paths converge on a point beneath the aerial horizon…that nexus is captured in the expansive beams of light radiating from our reflection on the vaporous atmosphere…our Brocken Spectre tells us a story of our travels along this way, dwarfing our perception of the shadowy image eluding our pursuit.

Adeii Eichii – Dreamscape

The mask of airborne vapor rolls back to reveal the dreamscape in the arid desert below. Red earth giving way to the Red Rock Cliffs and the tearful flow of the Adeii Eichii Cliffs beyond…an unearthly scene, yet every drift and crenellation revealing the mystical soul of this place and fortifying our imaginations. This is a place of dreams layered upon earth.

Slipping Back into Night

In a moment when our only perception of time comes from the widening band of light on the horizon, we ease through the calm and serenity of our space, contemplating the coming dawn, before turning our gaze earthward and slipping back into the night.

Slipping Back into Night

In a moment when our only perception of time comes from the widening band of light on the horizon, we ease through the calm and serenity of our space, contemplating the coming dawn, before turning our gaze earthward and slipping back into the night.

Feeding the Calm

Creatures of inertia, we remain static, floating in a state of balance, following stable courses along a predictable paths…and we are happy and stress-free. But there are forces in our world that transmit their heat, their stress, their energy, to anyone who passes nearby…like a contagion…causing a swirl, darkening the skies, and upsetting the equilibrium. We face these challenges by looking up and into the thinner air and sunlight above, we value lightness, we rise through the turmoil, and in that space above the foment, we feed the calm.

Abstract Landscape: Footprints

The wind tiptoes across the desert leaving swirls of her footprints on the earth as twisted dunes, each unique, yet harmonious like synchronous waves on the sea.

A Rising Tide

A rising tide in the morning sky…multiple planes of vapor, shadow, and light converge on the fringes of twilight over Monterrey and recast an illuminated undercast as a rolling sea of red following the night as it recedes toward the aerial horizon…a momentary world relegated to dreams as its last traces fade with the rising sun.

Sweeping Away the Night

The sun penetrates an overcast layer in streaming rays of light, strafing the landscape with their broken beams. As clouds give way to the building radiance, the dawn sweeps away the night.

Delaying the Dawn

As the dawn washes the New Mexico landscape in warm early morning light, Sandia Peak casts its long shadow westward, delaying the dawn and leaving Albuquerque in a prolonged state of darkness.

A Touch of Yellow

The Aspens color the visible edges of Rocky Mountain tops, presenting a preview of the season as Autumn seamlessly creeps down the mountainside.


“She was dangling her legs
Over the little Colorado river
Asking my last bit of sunlight
And all the Arizona told me
Arizona told me…
So, I asked her if she wanted to fly
Yup, maybe she needed a ride
To go anywhere at all”
– “Adelaide” by Chadwick Stokes

Some music sticks with us, ringing around the dark corners of our minds in a soft and unassuming din that fills the void of momentary silence…while others create auditory connections between places, objects, and stories…Each time I pass south of the Grand Canyon, crossing the Little Colorado River, this song rings in my ears. The place is not so famous as its neighboring canyon to the north, but its discrete and irregular path stimulates our curiosity, complementing perceptions of a place imagined in song…cue the music…as we envision Adelaide dangling her legs over the chasm in the late afternoon sun.

Discerning Relevance

When the world shifts out of focus, the lights that shine most brightly may distract us as we seek to comprehend their relevance, but the colors define the bounds of our world and help us discern the way forward from the uncharted hazards lurking in the darkness. Our world becomes more clear and we press onward into the night.

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