Entropy in the Waning Light

All things fall apart…while those things that are are most enduring create an illusion of defiance to entropy, though imperceptible, the process is no less real. Entropy is often most apparent as we look upon those things that grow fast…When we passed this way a few short hours ago, we braced ourselves and maneuvered around a rapidly growing wall of storms that extended into the tropopause…yet as we retrace our steps in the waning light, we witness the break up of disorganized storms as their remnants melt into the evening sky.

Weather, earth, walls, and ideas fall apart in a natural entropic lapse unless the source of their growth can be sustained. We all long for storms to end…for that moment when, without sustenance, they become indiscernable from the calm of night…and like a storm, volatile ideas and walls that divide us, if not fueled and upheld by divisive intent, will run their course, deflate, corrode, and exhaust themselves, while the ideas that unite us can be upheld and sustained by our faith and spirits.

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