“She was dangling her legs
Over the little Colorado river
Asking my last bit of sunlight
And all the Arizona told me
Arizona told me…
So, I asked her if she wanted to fly
Yup, maybe she needed a ride
To go anywhere at all”
– “Adelaide” by Chadwick Stokes

Some music sticks with us, ringing around the dark corners of our minds in a soft and unassuming din that fills the void of momentary silence…while others create auditory connections between places, objects, and stories…Each time I pass south of the Grand Canyon, crossing the Little Colorado River, this song rings in my ears. The place is not so famous as its neighboring canyon to the north, but its discrete and irregular path stimulates our curiosity, complementing perceptions of a place imagined in song…cue the music…as we envision Adelaide dangling her legs over the chasm in the late afternoon sun.

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