Letting Go

“Letting go,” is an art that requires daily practice. I’ve always drawn…whether cartoons, realistic sketches, or technical diagrams, the challenge is always the same…to see the world for what it is and what it is not, while attempting to translate a little of both through some medium to paper. It’s something that is challenging when practiced everyday. It’s something that feels impossible if rarely practiced. The art of “letting go” is similar…practiced everyday, it is a challenge…practice it rarely (or never) and it can seem an insurmountable task. To be unable to let go is like being unable to do art…it’s hard because we fail to see the possibilities around us and we fail to practice…the very rotation of the earth about its axis provides a lesson in the ritual of letting go, night giving way to day giving way to night…and the lingering mist in the valleys remind us that even in its imminence, giving way and letting go is hard.

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