Being Light – Solstice Reflections

I may have previously shared this photograph, but it’s more important to me now. You see, I am now the only one that remembers this moment cruising through the dawn of a Solstice morning over Yosemite…The other guy is no longer with us. The funny thing about the solstice is that it’s about the balance between night and day, light and dark, a tension that has been engrained in our spirits as the human race has thrived and endured while witnessing the cycle of light throughout the ages. There are turning points in every day where the light diminishes and the darkness rises only to be reversed by the dawn of a new day…a model for many a spiritual journey. Most of the time, we keep the perspective of a balanced universe and in the dark of night we look forward to the coming day, but sometimes the people we love (all people) lose perspective…no matter the cause…and they cannot see the light amid the deep and dark shadows that surround them. So often these same people are beacons of light shining for others, but who tragically can’t comprehend the light within themselves. As we turn the corner on the season and reflect on the Solstice, may the light in your life increase and the shadows fade to memory…and may you help the ones around you understand the light they bring to your life by telling them now, in this moment…and remember that as sure as there is darkness in the night, in the morning there will be light.

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