Slowing Down Time

Although I often dream of being “up there” when I am on the ground, I rarely dream of being “down there” when I am in flight. Up there, the simple mysteries of what lies around the bend or over the hill are revealed in a glance, their wonder to be consumed as a small part of a bigger picture. The cumulative effect of these simultaneous revelations can be overwhelming, leading our senses to reel…that spinning feeling we experience with our first steps onto the airfield, that moment we recognize just how big and vast is the sky above and around us. That feeling never stops, though we get better at managing it, we put our excitement in check, letting it linger as a small electrical scintillation up the backs of our necks, and we work through our routine of slowing down time, hyperaware of our every impulse, action, and reaction. To live on the wing is to be part of that wonderous big sky and we forget about earthly things for a while.

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