The Edge of the Storm

Storms have a way of dominating the landscape, darkening skies, and darkening moods as we feel the weight of the atmosphere falling down upon us…Clouds are a story in and of themselves, as they change their shapes and states, conserve and express their energy, and move along their way. When a storm has passed, we search in its wake for a rainbow…reassurance that we have weathered the storm…and we revel in the beauty of the rainbow’s spectral light. We often delude ourselves into thinking that sign means that the storm is gone, like some bugaboo magically vanishing when we turn on the light, but the rainbow only lives on the edges of the storm. Our storm has not vanished, it has simply moved on and, with the perspective of the rain falling on someone else, we look upon its distant display and allow ourselves to see the drama played out in the symbiosis of earth and atmosphere…beauty resides along the edges of every storm.

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