When we are forced to make a transition, it is often unpleasant and unsettling…Such is the case when we must wake before dawn, dressing in the half light of a hotel room in a city we can’t recall without looking at the flight schedule, while praying for the half-caffeinated burnt medicine of hotel lobby coffee…But when our transitions are in the rearview mirror and we find ourselves watching the transitions of the world around us, we sense the magic and bask in the singularity of the moment…Dawn divides the abyss of night into the heavens above us and the earth and sea below us, separated by a widening line of ambiguous light. Our senses are, at once, excited and at ease, watching the glowing contours of the sea of clouds beneath us, reading the ride, delighting in the colors and the broadening light of day. This is our longing…to be in motion, to have purpose, to captain our ships, and to put all our activity and transitions into perspective while enjoying the view.

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