Coming into Focus


Desert Lights

Opening our eyes to a new year, the world out of focus and unfamiliar, multicolored fresnels align in familiar patterns and guide our way as we ease into an old routine, familiar, yet new again…Light is up and the dawn of a new day, dark is down and the receding shadow of yesterday…In the gloaming a primal sense of clarity and direction guides us as we make our way out of the desert and into the sky…Always following the light and looking forward to tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Coming into Focus

  1. Malcolm,

    Thanks for your blog postings this year. I’ve enjoyed them and learn something new with each viewing. This chapter, featuring your commentary inspired by out of focus lights is one of the most unexpected–and one of the most interesting. Perfect for the change of year.

    I hope to see you this Saturday at the library.



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