We Remember

Ephemeral Skyscraper - Shadows of the Twin Towers-3798We look upon the landscape, finding patterns drawn in shadows as if projected to trigger our private memories, and we remember the day our world changed forever…Our friends and coworkers died…our industry flailed…our national confidence was violated…we, so accustomed to feeling in control and possessing of power, felt helpless…and we wondered, “why not us.” We will remember this feeling every day for the rest of our lives, but today is a day of remembrance…it’s not about stirring up (though it does) emotions in our complicated minds…It’s about keeping the history alive so that younger generations might understand what has shaped their world and they might begin to understand our incomprehensible sense of loss. So, today, we stop. We reflect. We search our souls for peace. We honor our dead. We maintain a countenance of strength and resolve never again to be victims. We find space in our hearts for the understanding that the more we accept one another, the less we will allow to come between us. And, we remember that day which we may NEVER FORGET.


2 thoughts on “We Remember

  1. Lost Comrades: John Ogonowski American Flight 11/Charles F. “Chic” Burlingame Jr. American Flight 77
    Disbelief and breathless on that day. My heart still grieves.

    Ron Salmon DCA
    Captain; American Airlines (Retired)

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