Retracing Our Steps

Tiny rivulets of water trickle toward the Colorado River, joining its flow through the high desert, seeking the sea, carving pathways in the earth that shape the landscape for all time…Little things lead to big things. We wander along the way, leaving footprints, flotsam, and jetsam in our wake…we send ripples across the surface of calm waters, echoes into the night, and twisted vortices into the ether…every motion leaving a trace, whether seen or unseen. And with these big motions come little noises, our words stream from our mouths whether connected to our soulful intents or driveling the mindless nonsense of propaganda and slurs…all these little noises drift on the breeze and tell our stories. Stop. Listen. What emanations do we want to leave lingering after we are gone? For what do we wish to be remembered? Little words and acts of kindness or little words and acts of malice? Little things lead to big things.

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