Stuck in a Moment

As we follow each other along the way, we are bound to fixate, to get stuck in a moment. The details and emotion of that moment filling our view with uncertainty, wonder, or concern and washing out all perception of the true world around us. Is it light or dark, good or bad, worry or elation?…We may not be able to discern without the tempering influence of peripheral vision and an awareness of where our anchors rest. But, surveying the scene, feeling our touchstones, finding our constants, we regain equilibrium and fly into a sky that is full of amazement…a sense of great elation filling the space in between small surprises…everything again flows and we move forward and out of the moment. That is when we realize the joy of filling our windshield with light and beauty and we cast only small glances behind us to inform our course with the lessons of our past.

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