Reflecting on Safe Harbors

Marina Reflections-0055Far below the aerial horizon, we rest in safe harbors and face ourselves, questioning our resolve to lift our heads to chase the horizon…Do we have the fortitude to bear the discomfort and uncertainty of giving ourselves over to a journey? In the calm of the harbor we see our reflections on the water and the sea begins to absorb us. In so doing, our images, voices, and spirits diffuse and intertwine, surrounding us with some intangible sense that we are part of something bigger…It is the soul of inspiration…In a few short days, an old friend of mine will depart San Diego on a “voyage of inspiration”…he will be assisting his friend, a true adventurer, Hiro Iwamoto in his quest to sail across the Pacific Ocean non-stop on his sailboat, Dream Weaver. Hiro is blind, but the immensity of his vision is awe-inspiring…He is making the voyage to send a message to the world that “anything is possible when people come together.” Please visit his blog Voyage of Inspiration 〜全盲ヨットマン、夢と希望の航海〜 and follow his journey. And while you are there, consider supporting Dream Weaver’s causes of: preventable and curable blindness; enabling those facing challenges; and citizen science.

Safe Voyage, Dream Weaver.

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