sundog over monterrey-8253

Stop for a moment and listen to the morning breeze as it flows across the landscape…Sometimes it’s different, a harmony amid flat tones, a signal to pay attention, engaging and enveloping, a call from across time. Sourceless music emerges from silence as though the radiance of a sundog appearing in a dark shadowy sky. Discerning this radiance, aural or visual, is the essence of perception.

A dear old friend passed from the earth yesterday…An enlightened soul, she saw signs and connections, and paid close attention when a an unfinished song lingered on the wind yearning for completion…She was the embodiment of a sundog mysteriously radiating light in a darkening sky…she projected and shared her energy, leaving us awestruck as if bathed in the light of a brilliant sunset…her light now lingers on the horizon and her song now drifts upon the breeze.


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