Foretelling - Lighted edge of distant weather-1936

[A Retrospective] An old friend lost a child, a tsunami swept a village out to sea, and an entire species teetered on the brink of extinction…meanwhile another life was saved, we caught a glimpse of interstellar space, we dreamed a few good dreams, and the sun touched a face from out of the darkness and brought it hope….All the foretelling in the world could not prepare us for the joys and sorrows that we simultaneously feel each day, but watching the sky as the soft morning light slowly creeps over the horizon, we can stop to imagine how it illuminates us all indiscriminately. We all experience that which the other experiences, each in our own way…We can be like the light, washing over each other, pushing back the shadows, sharing in one another’s sorrow and joy, and letting each other know that no one is alone.

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