Abstract Landscape – The Cresting Plane

Waves of Earth-5603

[A Retrospective] With the opening line, “I was born in the belly of the deep and rocked on the crest of a wave…” our imaginations draw graphic images of life born from the storm tossed seas, as the words convey a profound connection between our souls and the oceans. The same relationship exists in the heavens that float above the earth, an invisible and illimitable sea. In this region of our world the concepts of flat and round are constantly challenged as every perceived plane bends toward the horizon. Imagining waves of stone as the stepped planes of the Navajo back country curl and crest into the fribbling sandstone froth of the Adeeii Eechii Cliffs, crashing upon the flat sandy floor of the Arizona desert below. With the perspective of our altitude and circular path around the planet, our world bends and animates, evoking emotion and imagination and connecting our souls to this magical place as earth, sea, and sky flow together as one reality.

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