This Way


Each of us is walking a way that hemstitches light and dark, literally and figuratively, and we leave reminders in our wake of who we are and where we have been as we play a lifelong spiritual game of connect-the-dots…these trails are but vapors, floating in the atmosphere until such time as they are reabsorbed to be redrawn by another traveler…all things are temporary except perhaps the enduring nature of love. So today, as I try to tune out the news of hate mongering strangers filling the streets of my town, I am thrown out of balance by their anger…I am disgusted and saddened by the violence that they treasure…This town that struggles, yet tries to walk the way out of racist times and into the present where we as a community openly engage and try (though not perfectly) to embrace one another with respect. We have a long way to go, but we will pass through this space and leave love in our wake, to be reabsorbed into the atmosphere and shared by others who walk along this way.

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