Fateful Glimmering

Ivanpah Glimmer-8443

We have choices. Climate change is bigger than any of us. Weather cycles are just that. Absent human influences, these cycles will continue and sometimes result in environments where current species may not thrive. Given human influences, we contribute to an acceleration of these cycles and the cycles that once surpassed the capacity of human memory, now may take place within our lifetimes…If we are students of earth and observers of the world around us, we can understand this and accept our potential fate, while also recognizing our holy duty as stewards of this planet to do what we can to mitigate the impact of our excesses.

There are visionary leaders among us who, recognizing the value of science, apply its lessons without sentimentality toward archaic and shortsighted energy schemes in order to lead us collectively to become better stewards despite the personal political risks and short term costs…to do what they can… Yet, there are others who would allow the potential benefits of changing our ways to be obscured by the grim smoke of intransigence and selfishness, denying our role in the sustainability of our planet…in short, treasuring the value of sloth.

We, the people may wander the desert devoid of leadership for some time until the light leads us to see a glimmering as a signpost toward a different fate…Then, if we are wise, we may accept our role and rise to the challenge…


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