Awake, Virginia

overcast-at-dawn-virginia-1062You sleep beneath an overcast morning sky that you have yet to see, the light that illuminates the thin veil of cloud still invisible to you. Shadows can be funny things, especially when they are on the scale of planets…In the shadows, what we fail to perceive is not unseen…just unknown. From our vantage point, seven miles above the earth, as we speed toward home and the event of sunrise at 8.8 miles per minute, we see it all unfold. A narrow ribbon of light emerges from the edge of earth’s shadow, trapped beneath a clearly defined cloud layer, the darkness of heaven still clear above…Earth is but another spot of reflected light in a vast dark universe…but darkness is just that…radiant light abounds, simply waiting for something or someone to step from the shadows and bask in the light celestial. In a moment, Virginia, it will be your turn. Awake and turn into the light…I’ve missed you.

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