Favorite Shots of 2016

Another year of capturing “A Year in Flight” has passed and I continue to publish The Aerial Horizon blog. The exercise of choosing ones best photos of the year is a daunting editing challenge but the introspection gained through the process is worth the effort. There are many photos that I shoot that capture electric moments that so engage my imagination when I look at the photographs that I relive the moment. That said, I have context. The real challenge is drawing you into the scene so you can share these moments with me. I have selected these as favorites from 2016 that convey my feelings as I shot them. Some draw me back because of the detail, while others have some element in the air itself that speaks to me. I hope you will enjoy this look back and take a deeper look at my past postings and images and share what you like with friends and family….and encourage everyone to “forget where your feet are and simply enjoy the view.” Happy New Year!

~ The Aerial Horizon

5 thoughts on “Favorite Shots of 2016

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