Dreams of Passage


It is fair to dream of passage to a better place…Whether a passage of time or space, it doesn’t matter to the dreamers who long to find themselves in a more perfect world…Whether that world is imagined or real, it is a goal, it is a destination, it is a dream that may be achieved either through determination or perseverance…As we embark on our journey, we stop, we look toward the horizon, and we see the telltale signs that others have passed this way…and then we realize that we are not alone…WE are not alone…WE ARE NOT ALONE…     We share a dream…We are connected and we all seek another place and are willing to set out on a journey…     We are not alone…None of us…Not in our dreams…Not in our realities…Not in our faiths…Not in our futures…We are together and together we follow a path toward the light of a new day.

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