Welcome August

Storm on the Wing-0768

Welcome August; you look a lot like July. A storm on my wingtip as another day replaces the dawn, fleeting memories wisp into my mind…In our youth, we chased clouds and danced on their billowing surfaces, reveling in the sensation of speed, enjoying a good jolt of turbulence as we finished a steep turn and ran into our own wake, bouncing through the air as we hunted at 200 feet over the open ocean, then flying through rain showers to rinse the salt off our windscreen, and everything, everything beginning and ending in competition…And now, we smoothly turn away from the weather, we search for smooth rides, we fly as high as we can to conserve fuel, and yet we still enjoy the sense of speed, the competitions that never really ended, the camaraderie of the sky, and the warm electric sensation as we witness another dawn breaking over the aerial horizon.

Visit my portfolio, “The Aerial Horizon”

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