Borderlands – A Topoglyphic Abstract

Border lands between Texas and NM - Deaf Smith County, TX

Along the borderlands between Texas and New Mexico, the jagged line of the escarpment’s face creates a natural borderline as we cross from the tamed grasslands of West Texas into the rambling grasslands of eastern New Mexico.

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4 thoughts on “Borderlands – A Topoglyphic Abstract

  1. Aerial views–without the labels on maps–certainly give you a different perspective on the world! We also marvelled at these kinds of “borders” between wilderness and cultivated land when we flew across part of Canada in our Cessna 150. For example, in Alberta, where ranch lands and cultivated fields abut, with a salt lake in between: And of course there are many other examples, as you well know from your travels. Yours is an interesting photo for sure!

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