Inspired Vocabulary

Topoglyph - Sweetwater CountyFlying over Sweetwater County, Wyoming…I was intrigued by the texture of the landscape, but that’s nothing new…the landscape of Wyoming is a wonder beyond explanation to the geological layman…and the essence of understanding blooms in a field of curious endeavors to render the inexplicable in simple terms and stories. Thus I continued to ponder the landscape and marvel at the textures of the photograph that I captured. Again, I know little of geology, but I am curious and a little creative, so I decided to make up a word to explain the contrast of textures between the elevated plane of the plateau and colorfully patterned plane below the wrinkled cliff face. I was inspired and decided that it could be described by the expression “abstract geologic topoglyph.” [A little disclosure, I am a really good bluffer in Scrabble and have a degree in Rhetoric.] I pulled this expression out of the air and planned to use it with the authority of something sourced from a textbook. Much to my surprise,I found the word topoglyph already exists to describe “two-dimensional line structures which are topologically identifiable one from the other.” [No bluffing] So, I leave you to appreciate this image of an inspired and naturally occurring abstract geologic topoglyph in the open space of Sweetwater County.

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