Rounding Yosemite

Yosemite - From the west bank of Mona LakeFrom the western banks of Mona Lake, we look toward Yosemite and are hopeful that we might catch a glimpse of its true majesty in a vista worthy of an Ansel Adams photograph…but the view here is different…the skin tingling feeling is there, but we miss the sense of a solitary monument standing before us…from our perch in the troposphere, we are blessed to take in a grand view of enormous swaths of earth; we don’t see it as through a telescope or a straw…we imagine the whole and with this realization, our joy and amazement at the diverse textures and features of the earth grows tenfold and as we pass over Yosemite we recognize that we are not looking for a single star in the sky, but rather, we are looking at heaven.

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