Marked by the Journey – A WordPress Anniversary

DSC_6983 (1)Another year has come and gone for the Aerial Horizon, experiencing the joy of passing through the troposphere, twisting and turning over the landscape, finding inspiration among the clouds, and sharing the perspective. Looking down at the maze of experience, I realize that the journey is less about where we are going and more about how we get there…It is the path that we follow through the seeming void of space that defines our experience…sometimes a straight line, sometimes meandering, smooth at times, and bumpy at others…each landmark, each mile, each gust of wind, each choice, each decision, and each lesson mark our path with colorful lines and patterns forever emblazoned in our memories…The destination, whether due to a plan or a mid-flight diversion, is a place where we come to rest, but it is in the space between those points where we truly live.

WordPress Community, thanks for sharing your creativity and encouragement with me throughout my first year…I’m glad that I landed here.

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