Approaching the Purgatoire

Approaching the Purgatoire BWRounding the northeast corner of New Mexico, the Purgatoire River comes into sight and our thoughts turn toward the Colorado landscape…The flat eastern lands spread before us providing a stark contrast to the rocky elevations of the west. The seemingly limitless expanse of flat terrain is punctuated by the gangling fractal growth of the river as it claws its way across the plain…its path is emblematic of our own wandering, seeking, turning, twisting, repeating, consuming, eroding, living, and breaking…and as we look upon the nature of its imperfections, we see beauty and a path unencumbered by planning and thought…a beauty that comes through following a way that is unique and guided by the influence of gravity and the inherent nature of water to move many particles as one in the flow of the river and the motion of the tides.

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