Solitude and Convergence

Converging lines (1)When we feel as though we are alone with no other human voices or visible signs of life but for our own shadow on the horizon reflecting back at us, it is natural to perceive a certain sense of solitude…We are alone and the heavens are our exclusive silent domain…And then we look at our environment more closely…The cloud that we cross under was once a contrail, a visible sign of another who passed this way before us…but they are gone, they had a different course, they had different plans…And for all their differences, that ship’s lingering spectral shadow converges with ours at a singular point on the horizon…Perhaps we are less unique than we previously perceived…Each of us leaves an echo of our journey in our wake as a message for all those who may interpret it…And when those interpreters of abstract signs follow us in our journeys, our shadows may converge foretelling our common path.

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