Frosted Fields

SnowcoverI’ll admit it…I’m no fan of snow…it’s cold…it’s miserable and penetrating when it’s wet…it’s painful and cutting when it’s dry…But I will also admit that it is beautiful as it frosts the land and adds an unreal glazed texture to even the most one dimensional landscapes. The country is covered in snow from the high desert of Nevada in the west to the Appalachian Mountains in the east…and it is magical…This does not slow my cursing, but it gives me pause to reflect on the unique and fragile beauty of our world…We see texture and depth in shadows and the various shades of blue that shape the contours of our vision and it looks too pristine to be real. In this perfectly snowy world, one moment of sunshine, one prolonged gust of wind, one momentary blast of radiant heat, or one tiny breath of hot air can change the landscape. Nothing is so fragile, so momentary, so unique, so beautiful, or so novel as the first snow of the season. Soon we will tire of the utter whiteness and blinding reflections, but until then we’ll enjoy this moment of gazing at the snow-frosted fields of eastern Indiana.

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