Lost or Lucky ~ An Argument of Spirit


Peering through a hole in the clouds, we find an unfamiliar landscape and a thought occurs to me…There are two ways to process everything that passes through our lives or in front of our eyes…an argument of spirit…do we approach our situations with the question, “Am I lost?” or the perception of an opportunity, “Wow, that’s cool…how lucky am I to be here?” We wander around in a metaphorical cloud and these moments are shocks of clarity, but we fail to recognize that we are seeing opportunity through a hole in our cloud. As aviators, when we see through a real hole in a real cloud we recognize an opportunity to get our bearings straight…a mountain, a highway, a lake, or a railroad track seen for an instant can add surety to our course and help us find our way home…Opportunity…Serendipity… We recognize that we were lost in our cloud before that moment of clarity was bestowed on us…and that moment provided us with a solution, an opportunity to mesh our perception with reality and to find our way. Although our reality may be that our perceptions were wrong, this moment of shocking clarity is where problem-solving begins (and the moment our glasses become “half full”). We may not be home free, but we are equipped with what we need to regain control and take action. Back to the question, “Am I lost?”…the answer is always, “Not anymore.”

Through the clouds, we marvel at the scalloped texture of the landscape spreading south of Idaho Falls into Bonneville County, Idaho.

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