Echoing the Sun

Double Sun Dog

You might think you know what you are seeing, but I doubt many people have ever seen this…perhaps you have seen one…perhaps you have seen a pair…but this is something that I had never seen before this evening. As we travelled south of Talahassee, the light of the receding sun penetrated the cloud layer above us and two halos of refracted light formed in the clouds. The first halo ringed the sun and created a sundog on either side. Meanwhile, the sun cast a sunbeam into the misty cloud layer below and a second halo ringed the sunbeam creating another pair of sun dogs on either side of the sunbeam. The sun, an intense sunbeam, two halos, and four sundogs stacked in a tight array…a beautiful surprise at the end of a long day in the air…a moment of wonder and awe.

[In this photograph, we see the left half of the scene and the sunbeam]

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