Night Light in the Desert

Lightning in storm lit by super moon

September 11th always sets me off in a dark somber mood as I remember waking up in LA that morning in stunned horror and that confused hole-in-my-gut feeling that comes from losing people, coworkers and strangers that we should have known better…or that we feel guilty for not having known at all…and whose spirits now float like heavy smoke on the landscape of our memories. With maturity, the guilt vanishes and questions subside as we we realize that our experiences are ours alone. Though they twist and wrap around those of other travelers, we cannot trade or alter paths; we can only control how we choose to interpret and respond to the events of our unique journeys. Sometimes chance events will collide in a nexus of lightning and energy in the peace of a smooth dark soundless night…and that moment will be illuminated for all the world to see…until the dark rises to recapture its spiritual solitude and restores the peace. We will never forget that moment. This lone thunderstorm blew up over the Mojave Desert and was illuminated by the super moon as its lightning flashed in the flat desert air before it vanished back into the stillness of the night.

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